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Lighting Comparison
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400W Metal Halide
4-Lamp T5HO
T5 lighting is a relatively new light source in the United States that was originally developed as
a light source in combination with specialized reflectors for aquarium lighting. However,
because of the benefits of T5 high output lighting, this light source is being specified more and
more in applications where standard Metal Halide high bays are typically used.  Below is a
high-level comparison between Metal Halide and T5HO:
Energy Consumption (per fixture)
460 Watts
234 Watts
Lamp Life
20,000 hours
35,000 hours
Lumen Depreciation
33% Less @ 8000 hours
5% Less @ 14,0000 hours
Restrike Speed
12 minutes
Occupancy Sensors
No - Restrike speed too long
Yes - Instant restrike
Energy Trust / Utility Incentives
Oregon Tax Credit 35% (BETC)