• Save up to 60% of your facility energy costs
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Lighting Retrofit
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1)  Does your facility have any of the following type of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps?
How do I know if my facility is a good candidate?
Why consider an energy-efficient lighting retrofit project?
Metal Halide
Mercury Vapor
2)  Are you looking for an investment to enhance your building value, with a typical
xx% return and yy years payback?
3)  Are you having trouble finding replacement lamps and ballasts, or concerned
4)  Would you, or your tenants, benefit from improved lighting quality?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your facility may benefit from a
lighting retrofit.  Please contact us for a free facility-wide Lighting System Survey  - step
one in our complete
about their rising costs?
Curious about how this is achieved?  Click here to learn more.
  • And best of all...  the financial incentives provide a great payback!
  • Saving energy is good for the environment
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve the quality of your lighting